boarding cattery

Terms and Conditions

I = “The Customer”


  • I have given an up to date record of recent vaccination record of cat flu and feline enteritis YES/NO.

  • If no then I give permission for the cattery to ring my own veterinary surgeon YES/ NO.  

  • Failure to provide an up to date vaccination, the cattery has the right to refuse to take your (the customers) cat/s

Any Cat/s over 6 months old must be Spayed or neutered


  • I must make the cattery aware of any allergies my cat/s have YES/NO.


  • I have given details of parasite treatment date and brand YES / NO

  • I give permission for flea/ worm treatment to be given if necessary YES/NO.

  • I give permission to the cattery to administer any treatments by my Veterinary Surgeon that has prescribed for my Cat/s YES/NO 


I have given or given permission for the cattery to get in contact with my Veterinary Surgery about details of: -

  • microchip numbers; YES/NO

  • any new dietary requirements; YES/NO

  • and also to confirm any medication and dosage that cat/s are requiring; YES/NO


  • I give permission in the case of a multi cat household sharing a pen that the cattery can separate cat/s if any are showing continuous aggression or other behavioural signs to one another YES/NO

The cattery will provide a variety of Felix and Whiskas wet food and Go-cat, Iams or Science Hills dry food.  If your cat ie:- requires an alternative brand then this must be provided by owner. Boarding prices will be not affected